Conflict Resolution / Negotiation Skills

  • Conflict Management Self Assessment
  • Personal Reactions to Conflict
  • Preparing to Negotiate
  • Facilitating Conflict Mapping Technique
  • Recognizing Issues / Identifying Options
  • Communication / Influencing Strategies
  • Listening to Learn
  • Inquiry:  Questioning Techniques
  • Reframing to be Heard
  • Steps to Effective Negotiation
  • Applications: Applying Techniques to Real Life Cases
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“And it was a remarkable session - 4 hours with a follow-up at a time of my choosing - I picked 2 months later. I have never been to therapy or any kind of counseling so part of this was a revelation because it was new to me, but in the course of the 4 hours, she never asked me any of the questions that I expected her to and by the time I left, I had an 18 month calendar for changing my life.” And later, . . .” An additional testimonial is that I'm writing to you from Buenos Aires. We're here for a month and taking a million tango classes and having a great time. I did my part - if only the economy hadn't crashed. You were very, very helpful and I've moved on. Possibly another tidbit would be that I'm in Buenos Aires for a month without my cell phone!”

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