Executive Coaching & 360 Assessment

Why might you need an executive coach?

  • To address specific business projects, professional goals, leadership / management issues, skill development.
  • To partner to discuss and problem solve confidential issues and challenges.
  • To hold your agenda and focus on your vision when other distractions interfere with your intention.
  • To facilitate your goals by values clarification, brainstorming, identifying plans of action, examining modes of operation in life, asking clarifying question, and making empowering requests.

360 Assessment

The 360 Executive Assessment Process provides a discreet, confidential way for Managers to receive direct feedback about their performance. They learn the impact that their behaviors have on their staff, peers, and the organization as a whole. As a first step in the Manager’s development process, feedback allows the Manager to decide what leadership behaviors are working and what needs to change for their career success. The feedback report provides recommendations for development. From there, a plan is created for on-going development and on the job reflective learning.


  1. To determine the best Assessment Strategy to use to achieve leadership and organizational goals.
  2. To provide 360° feedback to Leaders by gathering perspectives on their leadership effectiveness. With this information, they can design their own development plans to enhance their leadership capabilities in areas critical for their unique roles.
  3. To provide HR and the CEO with an aggregate report to determine areas of strength and developmental needs of the leadership team for succession planning and future development initiatives.



1. Plan for the Project

We begin by meeting with the client to help determine the best assessment strategy to use. We assist in evaluating and selecting the best on-line 360° tool to use and / or implementing a 360° interview process for the selected leaders. We help work through the logistics of the project including developing the timetable, communications, meetings, and other action steps.

2. Conduct Kick Off / Orientation Meeting

We meet with the leaders to introduce the overall goals of the program, the process tools, and timeline. They learn how the process will work, why it is worth their effort, how to select and communicate with raters, and what to expect as follow up to the results. Confidentiality is emphasized.

3. Administer the Instrument and / or Conduct 360° Interviews

One-on-one Interviews: If this approach is selected, we conduct one-on-one phone interviews with those people selected as raters. These interviews include at least three-five direct reports, three-five peers, and the Director for each of the selected leaders. On-line Assessment Instrument: If decided, we coordinate the on-line 360°assessment process with participants. We serve as the liaison with the selected 360° vendor who will analyze the data and prepare the reports.

4. Write Summary Report
If the individual 360° interview process is selected, and the interviews are conducted, we compile the results and write a summary report for each leader. In addition, an aggregate report is compiled to determine areas of strength and developmental needs of the leadership team for future development initiatives.

5. Conduct Group Results and Development Meeting
We meet with the participants, as a group, to introduce them to the results report. We explain the report components and how to interpret results. We also review the development-planning guide that accompanies the report and how one creates a workable development plan. Finally, we consider the summary themes that have emerged from the group profile. They also learn about how to prepare for development planning.

6. Prepare for and Conduct Individual Feedback Sessions
Following the group debriefing session, we meet with each of the leaders in an individual coaching session. The purpose of this meeting is to help the leader make sense of the data that they received and provide a forum to discuss individual strengths, needs, and development ideas.


  • Myers Briggs Type Inventory (MBTI)
  • The Hogan Assessments
  • Integrative Enneagram
  • SpeedReading People
  • Leadership Effectiveness Analysis (LEA 360)
  • Strategic Directions
  • Leadership Agility 360
  • Lominger Career Architect
  • The Element B
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"From the 360 evaluation and Myers Briggs assessment to taking those results and having Charlotte coach me in some areas for growth, the whole process was really helpful for me.  I think it made a real difference in my performance and in my confidence in working with my new direct reports, and others in the Organization.

It was interesting to see how my self-evaluation differed in some ways from how others perceived me, and how my strengths and challenges related to the Organization's priorities for its leaders.  Working with Charlotte, I developed an Individual Development Plan that included broad things like what I wanted my leadership presence to look like in my new role and with my new direct reports.  She also had me use a feedback template to gain confidence in providing regular feedback.  She  encouraged me to set up regular meeting for my direct reports, even when they are doing well, which has proven to be very successful.

She was extremely helpful in coaching me through designing a Leadership 3-day training session I was responsible for.  Using the Facilitation At a Glance book, with her advice,  have proven very useful for designing and facilitating other meetings since.

I think working with Charlotte is just terrific for somebody who is very motivated to do the work and needs someone to help guide and coach them.  She provides the accountability to make changes.  She didn't do the work for me, but I don't think I could have done it all alone."

Director at an International Non-profit